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Bike Rental Shops on Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol offers a range of bike rental shops, each providing various services, from road bikes and electric bikes to mountain bikes, and some even offer guided tours and delivery services. Here’s a summary of some popular bike rental shops grouped by towns and areas:

1. Malaga

Malaga has a variety of bike rental options catering to different preferences, whether you’re looking for a leisurely city ride or a challenging mountain adventure. Here are some of the most popular bike rental shops in Malaga:

  • Bike2Malaga: Offers a wide selection of bikes including carbon race bikes, e-bikes, trekking bikes, and mountain bikes. They are open every day and ensure that each bike is suited to the rider’s needs, providing an adventurous cycling experience in Malaga. For more details, visit their website.
  • Eat Sleep Cycle: This service offers bike rentals with the option for early collection and delivery across Andalucia. They provide essential accessories with each bike and have a range of e-bikes with specified ranges for different models. More information can be found on their website.
  • La Bicicletta Bike Rent: Offers a unique range of retro and vintage-style bikes, providing a harmonious and simple cycling experience. They offer hourly and daily rates, including special rates for longer rentals. Visit their website.
  • Malaga Bike Tours & Rentals by Kay Farrell: They offer a variety of bikes including city, trekking, kids, and tandem bikes. Extras like locks, child seats, repair kits, and helmets are provided, ensuring a comfortable and safe ride. For routes and booking information, visit their website.

Each shop provides unique services, ensuring that you can find the perfect bike for your adventure in Malaga. It’s always best to check their websites for the most updated information on services, availability, and pricing.


2. Benalmádena

  • Fast Monkey Bike Rental: Offers a wide selection of bikes and organizes guided tours for various cycling types. Details about their services can be found on their website.

3. Fuengirola

  • Terral Bike Rental & Tours: Located in Malaga, this shop offers a range of bikes including road, gravel, mountain, and leisure bikes. Both regular and electric bikes are available. More information available on their website.

4. Mijas

  • Bikestardo: Provides high-end bike rentals with services extending from Malaga to Estepona. Additional information about their bike fitting, flexible delivery, and service is available on their website.

5. Marbella

  • Marbella Rent a Bike: Known for its extensive experience, Marbella Rent a Bike is a prominent choice for renting bikes. They offer a wide range of bikes including road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, and more. For more information, you can visit their website.
  • Kamaga Bike: Offering a selection of well-maintained bikes, Kamaga Bike is praised for its excellent service and the quality of its bikes. They provide convenient delivery and collection services at your hotel. Learn more by visiting their website.

It’s always best to visit these websites or contact the shops directly for the most accurate and updated information regarding their services, availability, and pricing.

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