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Welcome to your ultimate guide to culinary delights in Malaga and the Costa del Sol. This collection of articles dives into detail about the local gastronomy, including the the best food in Malaga, exclusive wine tasting Malaga experiences, traditional tapas and fresh seafood. Whether you’re a dedicated foodie or just eager to explore some new flavours, these guides are crafted to help you savour the true taste of Malaga. Get ready to eat, drink and enjoy!

2024, January 20

Antigua Casa de Guardia: Taste History at Malaga’s Oldest Winery

Exploring Antigua Casa de Guardia: Dive into Malaga’s Wine Heritage Right in Malaga’s bustling center, Antigua Casa de Guardia shines as a haven for wine enthusiasts. Founded in 1840, it’s the city’s oldest winery. It’s more than a place to taste wine; it’s a window into Malaga’s deep wine history. Since 1840: A Legacy of […]

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