Our sustainability journey

At Rincón, we provide guests with private holiday homes in Malaga for over 15 years. We select the best homes for a wonderful holiday experience and prioritize sustainability to minimize our impact on the environment and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our Journey Towards Sustainable Practices

We are getting there step-by-step…

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Upcoming Sustainability Initiatives

Replace water bottles

We're replacing the plastic water bottles provided in our Guest Welcome Packs with sustainable tetra pack containers to reduce our environmental impact. Tetra packs are made from renewable resources, recyclable, and have a lower carbon footprint than plastic bottles. This switch promotes a circular economy and encourages eco-conscious choices. Together, let's make a positive change for a greener future.

Electric cars

Provide the field team, service team, cleaning & maintenance team with electric vans.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Transition to using environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Energy friendly properties

Offer all property owners the option to install energy-saving systems in their properties.

Decrease replacement

Install smart locks where possible to reduce CO2 emissions and improve logistic strategy.

Be a Part of the Green Change - Reserve Now and Plant a Tree!

We’ve joined forces with One Tree Planted, working together to combat deforestation in Spain. For each reservation, we’re committed to donating a tree – a living testament to the positive impact we can make. Every guest who chooses to stay with us will leave behind a thriving tree in Spain, a small step towards a greener future. It’s a truly beautiful concept that resonates with our values.

Rincón has already planted 100 trees in Spain, and you can see the certificate document to witness our commitment in action.

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